Why digital inclusion?

By bridging the digital divide, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can experience improved access to health, government and financial services; wellbeing through connection with family and friends; access to education pathways; improved employment readiness; and autonomy over sharing, preserving and recording their stories and culture.

A Suite of Resources

inDigiMOB seeks to support communities and partner organisations to bridge the digital divide and achieve their digital inclusion goals by adapting a number of resources and support possibilities according to needs, as identified by communities.

Site Selection

Communities have been identified and prioritised based on the selection criteria that balances funding obligations with need and capacity.

Community selection criteria:

  • Northern Territory communities that, where possible, are part of the Telstra and the Northern Territory Government Co-Investment Project.
  • Communities that are serviced by suitable partner organisations.
  • Communities where ICT training and technical support is most needed.

Supporting more communities

Communities not identified as priority sites – they may lack facilities or already be well serviced – can still benefit from inDigiMOB resources. They may be geographically close to inDigiMOB sites or serviced by inDigiMOB partner organisations. Arranging specialist workshop intensives in such sites may be appropriate; or providing some technical support around a connectivity issue may be possible. When planning for workshop delivery in target communities, it may be possible to include neighbouring communities.